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Walther, LaVern

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Cistercians; Trappists


Tho purpose of this study was (1) to interpret the stated aims and habits of the Trappist monks, with respect to their reading habits, types of books read, and scope of their monastic libraries} (2) to bring to light information concerning books that are possessed and read in rather obscure organization in the United States, the Trappist Order of monks (3) and to a lesser extent to acquaint interested people with the present activities and habits of Trappist monks. The method of procedure to gather the information consisted of two parts. One part was to gather the data from current and past literature about the history, purpose, and habits of the monks, to analyze, and then report this information, A certain amount of information was included from the investigator’s own knowledge acquired in living with the Trappists for a summer. The second part consisted of sending out two questionnaires and asking individual monks and the librarians to fill out these questionnaires. On the average the Trappist monks spend twenty four hours per week reading. Sixteen hours are spent doing spiritual reading, seven hours are spent doing academic and class reading, and less than one hour is spent in occupational reading. Religious and philosophical periodicals and newspapers are well read in some monasteries. The monks read works of the past, such as writing of the Church Fathers and the Bible, as well as current authors. They are interested In new insights on the liturgy, the Church ecumenism, and scripture.


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