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Cavan, Ruth Shonle, 1896-1993||More, Douglas M.

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Sociology and Anthropology


Interpersonal relations; Social psychology


This is an original, empirical research project that describes and Investigates the social adjustment of Lonely Hearts Club Members. Two populations were subjected to an identical questionnaire: the general population of the community (Control Group) and the Lonely Hearts Club Members (Experimental Group). The questionnaire measured social adjustment using the Bell Social Adjustment Inventory. It also measured age, marital status, amount of education, length of time spent in the community, race, sex, religious affiliation and height and weight of the respondent. Previous research had suggested that these were the significant attributes to measure in this type of research. The experimental group's responses to the questionnaire were measured against the responses of the control group by standard scores. The data, computed from a sample of 316 respondents (273 in the Control Group and 41 in the Experimental Group) lead to the following conclusions. The Lonely Hearts Club Members were: 1. Not as socially adjusted as the community at large. 2. Heavier or lighter and taller or shorter than the community at large. 3. Older than the community at large. 4. Composed of more widowed and divorced. 5. Lower then the general community in education level. 6. Reported to have lived in the community a shorter period of time than the general community. 7. Composed of more males than females when compared to the general community. 8. Composed of more Protestants than Catholics and other religions.


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