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Encyclopedias and dictionaries


The purpose of this study was (1) to compare the dictionary skills gained by sixth grade students taught with a program of systematic instruction with these skills gained by sixth grade students receiving only incidental instruction and (2) to show any changes in attitude toward the dictionary by the students after a program of systematic instruction and to compare these changes with attitude changes by other students who received incidental instruction. The study use limited by the leek of adequate research on the reliability of both tests used, including the dictionary attitude inventory and the dictionary skills test. The experimental group included twenty-six subjects and the control group included twenty-sight subjects. The experimental group was taught by an experienced sixth grade teacher who used s systematic approach to teaching the dictionary, as contained in the Thorndike Barnhart Junior Dictionary, 1962 edition. The writer taught the control group, which received incidental instruction. The control group did not utilize the exercises found in the Thorndike Barnhart Junior Dictionary, 1962 edition. Although low actual studies were found, the literature dealing with the teaching of dictionary skills was reviewed. Findings in this study indicated no sign if leant changes in the attitudes of the sixth grade students toward the dictionary existed as a result of the program of systematic instruction or as a result of the incidental approach to teaching dictionary skills.


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