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We live today in a world of specialization. Untrained workers have lees and less Job opportunities offered to them.1 Children build their ideals, patterns, goals and life dreams in their early years and need to be guided and assisted to find adequate, satisfying and wise occupational goals. In the world of stories and books a child can visit many occupational fields in a rather short time. He can explore one job, change his mind, look at another, and continue to investigate many as different interests call. The early years is the time to begin this for in our times many need to use high school years for specific job preparation and training.2 The counselor faces the problem of a lack of information about books that give a picture of specific occupations. Not just information about the requirements of education and training needed. Today students ask many other things. "What are the salary possibilities?" "What kind of home will I have and under what conditions will I be living?" "Will I have adequate vacations?" "Will I enjoy the work?" "Will I have fun and excitement on the Job?" These questions and many more are voiced or thought as the student seeks help from the counselor. 1. Walter James Greenleaf. Occupations and Careers, (New York, 1955), p. 94. 2. Mildred A. Davey, Elizabeth M. Smith, and Theodore R. Myers, Occupations. (Boston, 1950), p. 8.


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