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Purpose of the Study. The main concern was the difference, if any, in interests expressed by two groups of athletes, namely those who completed the season in good standing and those who did not. Procedures. Fifty male track athletes from the Crystal Lake High School's 1964 track team served as subjects. All five scales on the Kuder Preference Record-- Personal were need to measure interests of the subjects. The test scores from the group of subjects who finished the track season were compared with the test scores of the subjects who did not complete the season. Findings. The mean, standard error of the mean, and standard deviation were computed for the two groups for each of the five scales. The t test was used to determine if there was any significant difference between the means. The mean scores on the five interest scales for both groups of athletes fell within the range that Kuder defines as average. The critical ratio between the groups was low on all five scales, the largest being 1,112. Conclusions. 1. Boys at Crystal lake High School who finished the 1964 track season, as a group scored neither high or low on the five scales of the Kuder Preference Record--Personal. 2. The average scores on the Kuder Preference. Record--Personal for the group of boys at Crystal Lake High School who did not finish the 1964 track season in good or low. 3. No significant difference between the mean scores of either group of crystal Lake High School's 1964 track athletes was found on any of the interest scales of the Kuder Preference Record--Personal.


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