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Healey, William

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This research study was conducted to determine whether or not a teams shooting percentage in basketball was affected by playing on foreign courts. The Northern Illinois University Varsity basketball teams from 1963-64 through 1965-66 were the subjects of the study. Home and away percentages were compared for (1) team free throws, (2) team field goals, and (3) field goals for each playing position (guard, forward, center). Upon analyzation of the data, the conclusion was that the foreign courts had an affect on the team's shooting percentage. When comparing the team's home and away free throws and field goals, no significant difference was found at the five per cent level of confidence. A second conclusion was that play on foreign courts were of no detriment to any of the three positions. The forwards and centers had a significantly higher shooting percentage during away games, while the guards were neither helped nor hindered by the foreign courts. The author concluded, on the basis of the evidence reveled from the study, that shooting percentages of the teams used in this study were not affected by play on foreign courts.


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