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Ball bearing noise and vibration correlation to honing

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Fallahi, Behrooz

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


SealMaster Bearings; Ball-bearings--Noise; Ball-bearings--Vibration; Honing


SealMaster Bearings, a division of Emerson Power Transmission, has been a precision, industrial, mounted, ball bearing manufacturer for over fifty years. The marketplace has recently begun to request lower vibration and sound production (noise) from mounted bearings. From this, a noise team has been developed to study the vibration and noise in mounted ball bearings and methods to reduce the unwanted noise from the bearing system. The first phase for this team is to determine which manufacturing practices, tolerances, equipment, materials, etc., are most responsible for the sound output levels of operational ball bearings. Second, this team will attempt to find the most cost-effective manufacturing processes for ?low-emissions? mounted bearing products. This thesis describes a portion of the team's initial work, in which the bearing?s surface finish (roughness) and the effects of acid etching (surface texture) and black oxide after hone are evaluated with respect to assembled bearing noise and vibration output levels. To facilitate this project, a 5-channel Dataphysics FFT analyzer and a semi-anechoic chamber were used.


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Northern Illinois University

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