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Burchard, Waldo W.||Martin, James G. (James Gilbert), 1926-1999||Smith, Harold E. (Harold Eugene), 1916-2010

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Sociology||Department of Anthropology


Illinois State Training School for Boys (Saint Charles; Ill.)


This study was conducted in the Illinois State Training School for Boys, St, Charles, Ill., a fenced, medium security correctional Institution for juvenile boys age nine to seventeen. It attempted to teat the hypothesis that the student culture of the Training School (1) is an Imported way of life; (2) is a normative system which stems from and reflects the urban lower socio-economic class; (3) is not in its general aspects unique to the Training Schools; (4) is reinforced by the employees and yet (5) is limited by the official social structure of the institution. The data for the study were obtained from personal ease records, social histories and interviews of a forty-five student sample (the interview schedule was the major source of information and was constructed of 47 items, open-ended and dichotomous in nature) as well as participant and non-participant observation. That the student culture is an Imported way of life is strongly supported by the data. It was discovered that 56.5% of the argot have their genesis in Cook County; that 35% of the argot were imported from the culture of the Cook County Negro; that 93% of the sample have their residence in urban lower cites areas; that more than 66% reflect lower class focal concerns and attitudes; that the downstate youth contribute little to the student culture; and that there are significant racial overtones to the student culture.


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