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Farwell, Gaylord H.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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School of Education


Physical geology; Science--Study and teaching (Secondary); Earth


Statement of the Problem: In a unit of study in Earth Science, such as Astron­omy, there is a great deal of background material which is not covered in the textbook. It was the writer's purpose to attempt to determine whether ninth-grade students would mas­ter the subject faster and more completely if this material were taught before beginning the study of the unit in the text. Methods and Procedures: Two of the writer's classes were chosen for comparison. The students were matched as well as possible from the stand­points of sex, general intelligence, and previous grades earn­ed in Earth Science. In the Subject of Astronomy, one class was pre-taught the background material while the other was not. The classes then were reversed for a second topic, which was Diastrophism and Vulcanism. Judgments were made on the basis of the amount of improvement by the students from a pre­test to a post-test over both the background material and the unit in the textbook. Summary of Findings of the Study: There appeared to be little difference in achievement by the students with either method. The data actually indicat­ed a slight advantage to the method in which the background material was ignored.


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