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Scintillation counters; Nuclear track detectors


Because of the upgrade in the accelerator at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory, the collider detectors also needed to be upgraded. In the case of the D0 detector, the detector upgrade includes changes to the muon systems. Part of these changes is the addition of scintillation counters to the central muon trigger. These scintillation counters are referred to as the A-phi counters. NIU's contribution to the D0 upgrade was to construct and test the small A-phi counters. The counters were tested for efficiency and for the location of the signal amplitude peak. The efficiency tests insured that all of the counters were usable on the detector and gave an initial idea of the kind of variation to be expected between counters. The signal amplitude tests were used to quantify the variation between the counters after the installation of the final phototubes. These amplitude tests allow the counters to be placed into installation groups for the purpose of setting HV levels. They also give the information necessary for the initial fine adjustments to the voltage threshold settings for reading the pulses. The HV and threshold adjustments allow the counters to have matched output when installed on the D0 detector. Matching the outputs of the counters insures that the data taken from the counters will be able to be analyzed and used as trigger data for Run II of the accelerator.


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