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Majumdar, Pradip, 1954-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Mechanical Engineering


Airplanes--Electric equipment; Electric generators; Lubricating oils; Rotors


The objective of this work was to create a complete mathematical model of a generator rotor which can be used to predict the pressure drop and oil flow in the rotor. This rotor spins at 24,000 rpm and consists of a complex network of series, parallel, and leakage flow passages. The objective was met by creation of a BASIC computer program called FLOWCALC! which calculates the oil flow through the rotor with a given input pressure. The solution methodology utilizes an iterative approach starting with an initial guess for the flow. It calculates the pressure drop given a flow and iterates the flow until the calculated pressure drop matches the given pressure drop. Specific information for each flow segment including hydraulic diameter, length, shape, area, and roughness are used to calculate the friction factors. The friction factors and resistance coefficients (K- factors) are used to calculate the pressure drop. The Hardy-Cross iterative solution technique was converted into computer code which was used to analyze the series/parallel network section of the rotor. FLOWCALC! was validated versus exact analytical solutions for hypothetical series, leakage, and network problems. For the more complex case in the actual rotor of a combination of the three flow segment types, the program output for rotor flow was compared to actual rotor flow test data and was within 6.2%.


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