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Ebrahimi, Nader B.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Statistics


Pharmaceutical technology; Drug delivery systems; Nanostructured materials


This thesis examines a definition of reliability that can be applied to targeted nanoconjugate chemotherapy in cancer and also simulates a stochastic differential equation model to attempt to predict the estimated time until remission when using targeted nanoconjugate chemotherapy utilizing a recursive algorithm to attempt to find the dose of nanoconjugates that will result in remission by an expected time T. Areas of research that can be used to obtain model parameter values are cited and values for the dose of nanoconjugates, given as number of nanoconjugates, are predicted for several different model parameters. The model is then extended to include a probabilistic framework that allows for a prior distribution to be placed on parameters where the exact value is not be known, but a distribution of the parameters may be known. Following that, examples of the extended model are given assuming that all of the model parameters are random. It is then suggested that the model undergoes evaluation with empirical data in order to examine the predictions of the model under certain parameters and some examples of further model extension are given that may allow for better predictions by relaxing some assumptions. Lastly, the code for the program, written in R, is given in the appendix.


Advisors: Nader Ebrahimi.||Committee members: Michelle Xia; Haiming Zhou.||Includes bibliographical references.


52 pages




Northern Illinois University

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