Sei-Yu Tsai

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Woo, Peng-Yung||Genis, Alan P.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Electrical Engineering


Electric motors--Design and construction; Electric motors--Electronic control--Design and construction


A typical DC motor position control system suppresses load disturbances by obtaining the gain of the proportional controller through trial and error. This trial and error is usually based on feedback from one or two load disturbance sensors that must be added to the system. Since this method does not provide a return-to-zero effect when stopping the motor, there is no self-regulation. Consequently, the typical system is impractical. The master's thesis presents a new, more practical design technique for DC motor optimal position control with load disturbance. The following theory is derived: In any linear system, the total performance index is a sum of separate performance indexes. Then, by the reference V, the general relationship between the gain of the proportional controller and the command input angle is obtained. Finally the quadratic optimal feedback form, the feedforward compensation path, and the proportional controller are combined with the DC motor optimal position control, so that the output of a system with load disturbance can be controlled without trial and error or added sensors. Since this new method also provides a return-to- zero effect, it is effective and practical.


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Northern Illinois University

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