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Wheeler, Wallace J.||Cleland, Kenneth L.

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Civil defense; Community and school; School management and organization


Since the advent of nuclear power, world tension, and problems have taken on new dimensions. It was with these thoughts in mind that in 19$9 Community Unit School District 303 of St. Charles, Illinois began to formulate and act upon plans for the evacuation of students in a national military emergency. It was these plans and their enactment that brought about this thesis. The author’s purpose in the thesis has been to (1) investigate the present evacuation plans of St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 in relation to a national military emergency; (2) to either substantiate the worth of the plans; or (3) present information which would possibly aid in the formulation of new plans. The National Education Association has stated that at least one in every four Americans today is a student attending either elementary or high school. Someday the responsibility of being adult America will rest on the shoulders of these students. Therefore it is the responsibility of adult America today to protect these children. Many parents are asking what will happen to our children if a foreign power should attack the United States? This question points out the importance of this study. Various methods and procedures were used on collecting the data for the thesis. The author took part in the formulation of and participated in the present evacuation plans. Selected persona directly involved with civil defense and its operation were interviewed, and pertinent information published by governmental agencies and other school districts was selected end studied in order to find similarities and possible points which were omitted and could be used to better and enrich the present plans. A discussion was presented concerning the present evacuation plans for St. Charles School District 303 and the ineffectiveness of these plans. Also, the reader la given a basic knowledge through text and diagrams of a nuclear blast and its effects. Through this information the following conclusions and summaries were brought about. There must be closer cooperation between agencies responsible for town and school activities and the local civil defense organization. It was suggested that a committee be formed from these various agencies to work with the civil defense people in order to keep abreast of the newest developments in this field. There must be a reevaluation of the local policies in respect to the national policies in order to have greater uniformity between the two. St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 should give serious thought to installing an Electralert in each of the schools so that they have a more effecient warning system. If the school district continues to feel that the students would be transported to their homes during a national military emergency, a more realistic and feasible plan than now exists should be instituted. Considering the probability that the schools are structurally safer than the child's home, more consideration should be given to the idea of administering to the students' needs at the school during a national military emergency. Disaster protection for a community's children is the responsibility of the adult members of the community. It is the author's hope that the persons responsible for the welfare of the St. Charles school children will keep evaluating their present plans and provide every possible safety for the students in their charge.


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