Anthony Kent

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Frerichs, Allan H.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Education


Social sciences--Study and teaching


The purpose of this study was to provide more information on the value of teaching social studies to sixth graders reflectively as compared to teaching them in a more traditional manner. To compare these two pedagogical approaches, one sixth grade class was taught by a traditional method which was primarily lecturing, recitation and discussion, and another sixth grade class was instructed by a reflective approach as advocated by Lawrence Metcalf of the University of Illinois, These classes were from a suburban Chicago elementary school. Score data were obtained to assess the effectiveness of the two teaching methods. These scores were acquired by a test designed to measure concepts the pupils had learned. The pupils were given this test before and after each class had been taught for one semester by one method. The null hypothesis of no difference between the score gains of each class was tested by t test. The mean score gains were tested in three ways: First, each group was compared to itself to discover the possible worth of the specific method used. The second comparison considered sex as a factor in learning under each teaching procedure. Here, the boys of one class were compared with the boys of the other class. The same was done with the girls. Finally, the experimental group was compared to the control group. The t test score results were interpreted on the basis of the 5 per cent level of significance which was considered sufficiently rigorous for this study. The test results confirmed the null hypothesis: there was no significant difference between the scores of both classes as taught by the traditional and reflective procedures.


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