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Insurance; Athletic accident


Purpose. The purpose of this study was to investigate the cost of the athletic insurance programs currently functioning in the Inter- Suburban Athletic Association in the state of Illinois and the State Athletic Association Benefit Plans of North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. Procedures. Thirty-one schools of the Inter-Suburban, Athletic Association, whose athletic programs are governed by the same constitution and by-laws comprised the group selected for one aspect of this study. The other group was the State Athletic Association Benefit Plans of North Dakota, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin. By means of a questionnaire given to each Athletic Director at the meeting of the Inter-Suburban Association Athletic Directors, the writer was able to nuke a survey of the cost of athletic insurance at each school. The questionnaire requested the following information from each school: Name of the school; insurance company writing athletic insurance; name of the agent or agency; cost for football coverage; amount of football premium shared by the school; maximum benefits; exclusions; number of claims of in each sport and the cost for each; the cost for claims as opposed to the premium paid to the insurance company. Each insurance company was contacted and additional information was requested to supplement information from the individual schools in the study. The handbooks of the four State Associations in this study were acquired by writing the Executive Secretary of each and requesting information relative to the cost of athletic insurance. The handbooks proved to be a valuable source of information dealing with the cost of Benefit Plans. Findings: From the information gathered, it is quite evident that insurance coverage either under private insurance companies or the Benefit Plans is not a profitable venture, The claims usually cost more than the premium accrued. Football poses a difficult problem since there is no way to preassess the number of injuries and the severity of each. Most claims were for amounts between ten and twenty-five dollars for all sports. Fifty percent of the schools in the Inter-Suburban Athletic Association reported that the claims exceeded the premium paid to the insurance company for football and all other sports. The states of North Dakota, Minnesota, and Wisconsin evidenced a substantial loss in the operation of the Benefit Plans. Football coverage in the Inter-Suburban Association cost an average of fifteen dollars and fifty-two cents per student. The average cost for the basic coverage was three dollars and twenty cents per student. The approximate average cost of Benefit Plan coverage in this study was six dollars and twenty-five cents per student, including football. Excluding football, the average cost would be two dollars and forty-five cents. Insurance companies active in this field will rarely insure an athlete unless they can insure the total student body under the basic plan. The matter of adequate coverage under either the private company or the Benefit Plans for athlete at a low premium rate, plus the inflated costs of medical services, will pose a problem for which there does not seem to be a solution in the immediate future.


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