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Lerea, Louis

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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English language--Grammar; Speech therapy; Children--Language


The investigation was designed to test the hypo- thesis that there is a definite order of difficulty among the five basic transformation types of addition, deletion, combination, substitutions, and rearrangements. Fifty children, ranging in grade level from pre-school through third grade, served as subjects. The test instrument was composed of ten stimulus items in each of the five transformation divisions. The results showed significant differences among all the grade levels. No significant; differences were found among the transformation types of addition, deletion, and combination, nor were any significant differences found between rearrangement and substitution. Each of the first three types, however, did differ significantly from each of the latter two. The differences found among transformation types were consistent from one grade level to the next, no interaction being revealed between grade level and trans formation type. It was concluded that there is a definite range of difficulty among these transformations types. Further research is indicated for the purposes of defining this order more specifically and for designing a diagnostic instrument.


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