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Schools--Centralization; Walworth County (Wis.)--Schools


The writer felt that an investigation of the possibility of a reorganization of the Big Foot High School District and separate elementary districts into an integrated district might prove of some help in the future planning of the district. The study was conducted to see if an integrated school district would offer more advantages, both educationally and economically, than the present organization. Data on school reorganization was gathered from the University of Wisconsin, Wisconsin State College at Whitewater, and the Wisconsin State Department of Wisconsin. Data for descriptive research of the district was obtained from the Office of Walworth County Superintendent of Schools, interviews with the administrators and principals of the district, school board members and laymen within the district. Additional data was taken from newspapers and school records. Examination of the data indicates that the trend in Wisconsin as well as other parts of the United states is to reorganize small school districts into larger administrative units having grades kindergarten through twelve. The following criteria were listed as being some basic ones that could be used in judging school districts: 1. A minimum of 1,000 students in a K-12 district. 2. A qualified staff including instructors in special areas. A pupil-teacher ratio of 24:1 at the elementary level and twenty staff members for each 500 students at the secondary level. 3. A satisfactory curriculum for all pupils. 4. Adequate and proper building space. 5. Transportation for pupils residing two or more miles from their attendance center. 6. A sound financial basis and financial effort in keeping with the school district's ability. Data was gathered on each district in regard to the criteria listed. The writer concluded that in terms of the criteria any disadvantages caused by reorganization would be outweighed by the advantages gained. Reorganization would offer an opportunity to improve the educational program of the area and it might also offer some financial advantages. The following recommendations were made: 1. Reorganization be carried out. 2. A study of the possibility of a junior high school be made. 3. The existing one-room schools be closed and students transported to other attendance centers. 4. Kindergarten be provided for all of the eligible students of the district as soon as space is available. 5. The possibility of reassigning students to other attendance centers be considered as a temporary measure until more building apace is provided for the overcrowded schools. The areas listed below are suggested for further study: 1. A projected enrollment of the district over the next several years to determine future building needs. 2. A study of a composite budget for the entire district and its effect on the tax rate. 3. A study of the affects of reassigning pupils to attendance centers and its effects on the transportation of the district. 4. A complete survey of the area to determine the feasibility and organizational structure of this proposal.


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