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Kieso, Donald E.||Avery, Clarence G.

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Northern Illinois University. College of Business; Accounting--Study and teaching; Employees--Training of


The purpose of this investigation is two-fold: (1) to compile a comprehensive history of the internship program at Northern Illinois University from its inception in 1957 to date, and (2) to determine the attitudes of the graduates from Northern Illinois University who have participated in the internship program, with implications for possible improvement in the internship itself and in the various requirements necessary for the admission to the program. Questionnaires were mailed to all former Northern Illinois University interns whose addresses could be located. Sixty-four interns from a total of one hundred and sixteen responded. The results of the questionnaires were then compiled; and based upon the responses, conclusions and recommendations were made. Some of the more important conclusions which were drawn from this study are: 1. A basic course in electronic data processing should be added to the list of courses required. 2. Courses in report writing and in business machines should be introduced as prerequisites. 3. Sufficient credit, for its present length, is given for the internship program. 4. Ideally, the grade should be given by the participating firm. However, having the supervisor assign the grade is an acceptable alternative as long as he takes into consideration the progress reports of the firms. 5. The intern’s salary should average approximately seventy-five to eighty-five per cent of the beginning salary for the position that the intern assumes. 6. No assignment, no matter how menial, should be thought of by the intern as below his ability. Every task he performs is helpful in allowing him to see the "total picture” of the operation. 7. The intern should be allowed to (1) begin and finish an entire audit of a 3iuall concern, and (2) either draw up the certificate and comments, or at least be allowed to observe this facet of the audit. 8. For the most part, supervision was found to be adequate on both the school's and firm’s behalf. 9. The participating firms should be notified of the intern’s comments after the internship period is over providing that they are constructive and worthwhile in nature.


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