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Miller, Elwyn R. (Professor of education)

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Education; Elementary--Curricula; Community and school


Problem: What is the role of the layman as an advocator of innovation in the public school systems? To what degree, how and why does he become involved with school matters? In what way is this innovator different from other members of the community? Subjects: Mt. Prospect adult residents in Public school District 57 who had voted in the 1964 school board election. Procedure: A questionnaire was sent to 200 names selected at random from school board campaign workers' lists. The names of people who were known to be currently employed in the field of education were eliminated. Unidentified self-addressed stamped envelopes were enclosed for the respondents convenience in replying. The identity of the respondent, other than by his profession, was not asked for in any way. Both structured and unstructured answers were included in the questionnaire. Findings: The Mt. Prospect resident interested in the welfare of the public elementary schools was generally a professional or semi-professional person with education and income above the average for the community. They were also older and had a longer residency than the average Mt. Prospect citizen. Most respondents believed they played a leadership role within an organized civic association and most were primarily interested in changes in the curriculum and/or the administration. School finances and the construction of new school buildings seemed of secondary importance to the residents of this community.


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