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Suhr, Virtus W.

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M.S. (Master of Science)


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Accidents--Prevention||Sports injuries


The purpose of this study was to analyze the accident experience of certain junior high school intramural athletic programs so that safety recommendations could be made for junior high school intramural athletic programs. Facts were obtained for analysis with respect to: (1) the sport activities experiencing the greatest number of accidents, (2) the types of injuries that occurred, and (3) the underlying circumstances contributing to these accidents. A total of sixty-six junior high schools in fifteen northern Illinois counties were contacted and participated in the investigation. An Accident Questionnaire was employed to gather the data which were used to ascertain and accumulate the total accident experience of the junior high school intramural athletic programs. These data were placed in tables to determine the accident experience of the various junior high school intramural sport activities and then subjected to thorough study. Findings of the study were used to appraise the total accident experience of junior high school Intramural athletic programs. The following information was revealed: (1) team sports, such as basketball, tackle football, and softball, have experienced the greatest number of accidents in junior high school intramural athletic programs; (2) most of the bodily injuries which occurred in intramural athletic programs involved sprains, fractures, lacerations, bruises, and in­juries to teeth; and (3) the underlying causes most frequently cited as contributing to accidents and the resulting injuries in the junior high school intramural athletic programs were the nature of the game, lack of proficiency in the sport, irresponsible student behavior, horseplay, and a lack of safety instruction.


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