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Quick, Otho J.||Gilbert, Harold G., 1921-

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Mechanical drawing


Drawing is a sign language for accurate representation and description of objects to be manufactured or constructed. It is the purpose of this guide to list the basic skills in the use of drawing instruments together with an understanding of drawing conventions. This guide does not set down the problem to be taught and the method to be used in a strict, definite order. The guide contains ideas that will assist the instructor in the planning of his daily work. It contains a sample lesson, plans and methods of presenting drawing that will aid in making it interesting and functional to the El Segundo high school youth. It is intended to give direction to the teaching of drawing in the El Segundo Schools, and thereby to improve that teaching. The guide is flexible and practical. It is to be used by all teachers. The material is extensive enough to enable teachers to select those activities that will meet the varied needs of all youth, whatever their interests and abilities, with due regard for the accepted philosophy and objectives of industrial arts.


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