Emery Kirby

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Rubel, Daniel N.

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Department of Earth Science


Rocks--Identification; Earth sciences--Study and teaching (Elementary); Active learning--Evaluation; Lecture method in teaching--Evaluation


The purpose of this study was to determine whether or not retention of certain principles concerning various properties of rocks and minerals at the eighth grade level is greater among those students who learn by performing activities and experiments as opposed to those learning by the lecture-research method. Two eighth grade classes comprised group "A" and two other classes formed group "B". For three weeks group "A" performed investigations in an attempt to gain more basic fundamentals concerning various principles of rocks and minerals. At the same time group "B" was presented the same material as group "A" but the lecture-research method was emphasized. At the end of the three week period a common test was given to determine which group had retained more knowledge of the material covered. The groups were reversed for the remaining three weeks so that group "A" would then learn by the lecture-research method and group "B" by the "learning by doing" method. At the conclusion of the unit a common test concerning the last three weeks of the unit was given to see which group retained more information. The results of this study indicated that the group performing activities scored 20$- better than the lecture-research group at the end of the initial three weeks of study. At the conclusion of the unit, after the two groups had been reversed, the activity group scored 5% better.


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