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Judd, Robert C.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Marketing


Aluminum foil; Packaging


The Problem The purpose of this study is to determine the characteristics projected to products when aluminum foil is used as a packaging label. Specifically, the study is designed to: (1) document the image of aluminum foil as a labeling material, and (2) determine the descriptive characteristics of products when these products are associated with aluminum foil. Procedure The personal interview, using standardized questions and procedures was used to obtain data. Throughout the interview, the respondent was confronted with four capped bottles; two had aluminum foil labels and two had paper labels. To insure that the results were not limited to a single label design or a single brand name, two different brand names, both fictitious, were used along with two different designs for the background portions of the labels for each brand. The labels were affixed to bottles so the respondent had to make judgments of the labels in a very realistic situation. Summary of Results The study, being exploratory in nature, was not concerned with deriving data which can be generalized to a population with statistical reliability and validity. The focus of the study was basically the identification of problems that will aid management in the formulation of new and specific alternative courses of action in future packaging research studies.


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