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I. THE PROBLEM A team-teaching situation necessitated an entire seventh grade be prepared to use the basic tools of research by the beginning of second semester. Past experience indicated that some attained a higher degree of success than other; records showed a wide variance to ability scores. This study intended to discover whether or not the degree of success (as measured by student retention scores) attained when the overhead replaced the blackboard correlated with the I. Q. and/or reading ability of the student. II. THE PROCEDURE Research was conducted to three subject fields: audio-visual, library science, and education, Indexes, yearbooks, catalogs, master thesis bibliographies, research abstract listings, and periodical index listings were consulted. Those seemingly applicable to the study at hand and available to the Northern Illinois University Library between September, 1964 and June, 1965, were investigated. Between September, 1964, and January, 19635, two hundred fifty-two periods of library science were taught and the results tabulated as the basis of this study. III. THE RESULTS In the teaching at two library science units using alternate methods of blackboard-lecture and overhead-discussion, scores varied with pupil ability. Students of low I. Q. and low reading ability tended to experience better retention when taught with the overhead; students of high I. Q. and high reading ability tended to experience better retention with the blackboard method; while students of very superior I. Q. and reading ability tended to do well with either media.


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