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Borden, Robert

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M.A. (Master of Arts)

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Department of Library Science


Cataloging; Subject catalogs


This is a report of the procedures that were used to make a subject catalog for the Library Science Department Library at Northern Illinois University. The introduction covers the necessity for such a project by describing the physical surroundings and the nature of the Library Science collection. The introduction also includes the reasons for the department's decision to have a divided catalog (author and title entries in one catalog) subject entries in another). A review of the literature pertaining to subject catalogs indicates that there are no definitive rules for making subject entries. However, from this literature, the two graduate students who were making the subject entries, received some useful guides and suggestions. Some of the guides to subject cataloging were applied in making a subject authority file for Library Science. The authority file was compiled from a general subject list (Library of Congress) and the Library Science periodical index (Library Literature). The authority file served as a basis for making the subject entries. The procedures used in assembling the subject catalog are described. The more experimental features of the catalog are pointed out; for example, reference cards listing the subdivisions of important subject headings, and reference cards directing the user to the author-title catalog or to Library Literature. Although the subject catalog for the Library Science Department was made for use, it is not an end in itself. Areas for future study, for example, studying the utility of the divided catalog are prescribed.


Includes bibliographical references (pages 30-32)


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Northern Illinois University

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