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Novak, Ralph S.||Hackamack, Lawrence C. (Lawrence Carroll), 1921-

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Schools--Public relations; Industry and education; Business education


The purpose of this study is twofold. The main purpose of this investigation is to discover if Northern Illinois University College of Business is offering the services and programs desired by area businessmen. The second purpose of this paper is to determine what services are currently used in industry and where these services are obtained. Mail questionnaires were sent to 280 companies located within a fifteen mile radius of De Kalb and Rockford, Illinois. data gathered by the questionnaire consisted of the following: 1. The size of the company. (Determined by number of employees) 2. If the companies had ever received any literature from Northern Illinois University. 3. Did the companies know that Northern Illinois University has a College of Business. 4. The services and programs used by the companies if any. 5. Where the firms received their services and programs. 6. If the companies had ever used a professional business consultant. 7. The problems that the companies considered most pressing. The study reaches six conclusions. These conclusions are: 1. Northern Illinois University is offering the types of services and programs desired by area businessmen. Area companies revealed that they were most interested in extension services, training programs, seminars, and institutes. All of these types of services and programs have been offered by Northern Illinois University to area industry. 2. Businessmen in the area studied were aware that Northern Illinois University had a College of Business. 3. Only a small percentage of the total number of firms studied, 39.4 per cent, had received any literature announcing services and programs offered by Northern Illinois University. 4. Trade organizations and the University of Wisconsin were the most popular servicing agencies in the area being studied. Northern Illinois University was used by only fourteen firms with the majority of those firms being located within a fifteen mile radius of DeKalb. 5. As the size of firms increase, the percentage of companies that have used professional business consultants also increases. 6. There were four problems that companies in the DeKalb and Rockford, Illinois areas considered to be most pressing. These problems were employee problems, government controls, rising costs, and sales and sales programs. From the above conclusions two recommendations have been formulated. First, the College of Business at Northern Illinois University should obtain a mailing list of companies located within a reasonable distance from the University. This mailing list would be used in an attempt to publicize the services and programs offered at Northern. The second recommendation is that the University hire a public relations man who would make personal contacts with industry. Information gained through these personal contacts would be used as a basis for the services and programs offered by the University.


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