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Aeronautics--Study and teaching


This study was an evaluation of the use experienced teachers had made of knowledge gained from the Aerospace Institute held at Northern Illinois University during the summer session in the years 1959 to 1963. A review of previous research and related literature indicated there is a definite need for aerospace education in our schools as an integrated part of the school curriculum. The data for the present study were obtained from questionnaires sent to all experienced teachers and administrators who participated in the Aerospace Institute offered by Northern Illinois University in the summers from 1959 to 1963. Analysis of the data obtained from questionnaires revealed. 1. The reasons given most frequently for enrolling in the course were: a. Special interest in the subject, b. Need for more knowledge in the field, c. Need for credits toward a degree, to meet board requirements, or for salary increment. 2. The majority of respondents felt the subject matter was well-balanced, and most indicated they have used it in their classes. 3. Most respondents have made use of the free material which were given out, but only few have used the free loan films. 4. All respondents thought the flight experiences and field trips were essential to the course. 5. Rated "most worthwhile" in the course were units on aviation or space, and the making of visual aids. 6. Many of the participants felt they now have a better understanding of technical developments in air and space, and their activities indicated they are continuing their interest in aerospace. 7. All participants indicated they have recommended the course to others; and they also thought an advanced course would have merit. 8. Over half of the respondents rated the Aerospace Institute as better than any other college course they had taken. Conclusions to this study seem to indicated that the participating teachers and administrators felt the Aerospace Institute had fulfilled its main objective of preparing them to teach aerospace concepts in their classrooms. Participation in the workshops had increased both knowledge and interest in the field of aerospace education.


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