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Cambridge, R. W.||Crank, Floyd L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Business education--Illinois--Waukegan


Problem and Procedure The research study was conducted for the purpose of evaluate the exploratory work incorporated in the first semester of Introduction to Business I at Waukegan Township High School (West Campus). This one-semester exploratory work consists of tryout units in bookkeeping, business law, filing, selling, shorthand, stock market, and typewriting. By undertaking this evaluation study, it was hoped that the effectiveness of this particular course work as an educational guidance instrument could be discovered. In order to procure the necessary data for this study, a student questionnaire was administered to 140 East Campus juniors and seniors. (These students had previously, as freshmen or sophomores, completed the exploratory work in the Introduction to Business I course at West Campus and were the first such students to have taken this type of course work as presently offered at Waukegan Township High School.) After receiving completed questionnaires from 100 per cent of the students surveyed, the data from the research instrument were tabulated and the following conclusions and recommendations were elicited. Summary of Conclusion, and Recommendations The major conclusions drawn from this research study were: 1. The exploratory work in Introduction to Business I is somewhat effective as an educational, and possibly vocational, guidance instrument. Thus, exploratory work should be continued at West Campus as a result of the findings that future business students could benefit from this type of course work. 2. Generally, the one-semester exploratory work needs only limited revision. However, the value of offering a stock market exploratory unit is quite questionable. 3. The exploratory units representing the business skill subjects tend to be more effective tryout units than do the units representing the nonskill subjects. The recommendations made from this study were: 1. Because this study was restricted by the number of students available to be surveyed, the researcher recommends that a future follow-up study be conducted on exploratory work at West Campus. This later study could include high school graduates who have had exploratory work. Besides determining the effectiveness of exploratory work as an educational guidance instrument, the follow-up study could investigate the effectiveness of this type of course work as a means of prognosis, 2. The findings presented by the study should be considered by Waukegan Township High School when exploratory work in Introduction to Business I is reviewed and/or revised for the 1966-67 school year.


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