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Yankow, Henry G.||Johansen, John H.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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School superintendents--Certification; School principals--Certification


INTRODUCTION: The purpose of this paper is to evaluate the effectiveness of present certification requirements for school business administrators in the State of Wisconsin. It is hoped that results of this investigation will be used as a guide in determining future changes in certification. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM: 1. To identity professional standards required for certification of school business administrators in Wisconsin. 2. To determine the number of school business administrators presently certified in Wisconsin. 3. To analyse the motivating effect of certification in the encouragement of the extension of professional training. 4. To evaluate the effect of certification to upgrading the profession of school business administration. 5. To obtain opinions of school administrators and business officials relative to mandatory certification. 6. To identify areas of concentration for graduate study in school business administration. PROCEDURE: The data for this study came from three sources: (a) reference materials, (b) committee reports and related literature, and (c) questionnaire surveys. The questionnaire was sent to 60 chief school administrators, and 60 chief school business administrators in the State of Wisconsin. The survey indicated that 58 per cent of the business administrators in the State of Wisconsin were certified under the present certification program, forty par cent of those certified gained this position via the grandfather clause. Certification has been in effect in Wisconsin for approximately two and one-half years. Review of literature and examination of the survey results Indicate a moderate rats of individuals gaining certification, A reasonably small number of Individuals have identified certification as a reason for extending their professional training. SUMMARY, CONCLUSION, AND RECOMMENDATIONS: Each year more stats organisations of school business officials are becoming concerned with certification of their members. Review of literature indicates that no studies have been conducted relative to evaluating present certification requirements of school business administrators in the State of Wisconsin. The survey conducted in this study relates that if effective steps to upgrade and further professionalize the school business administrator are to take place, more stringent requirements on a mandatory basis must be initiated in the certification process of the State of Wisconsin.


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