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Terwilliger, George L.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Biology


Ecology--Illinois--De Kalb County


A remnant prairie situation near Genoa, Illinois, DeKalb County, Kingston township, Section 24, Northeast of Southeast quarter, township 42N, Range 4E was surveyed. It was a low prairie situation which seemed to be in a transitional stage from a sedge meadow. A census, or total count was taken on permanently staked one meter square quadrats. A total of 200 quadrats were set up. Five counts were made to cover all aspects of the season. Results showed the following to be the dominants of the area: big bluestem(Andropogon gerardi)which constituted about 57 percent of the vegetation, various types of sedge (Carex sp.)which were slightly above 15 percent of the vegetation and horsetail(Equisetum arvense)which was about 15 percent of the vegetation. Both the frequency and the density of all plants in the area were figured to give some idea of their natural occurrence for future reference. Photographs were taken at various times during the season, both in the area surveyed and in adjacent areas to show what part of the area looked like and to show some of the plants found in those areas. Recommendations for further study: another survey should be conducted in the near future which would cover the full area of about 2 acres in order to find out what is there. This study might be used as a requirement on an advanced degree.


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