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Lintereur, Gary E.

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Mechanical drawing--Data processing; Mechanical drawing


This investigation looks at students attitudes and feelings towards use of traditional drafting methods, and use of Computer- Aided Drafting methods. The study was conducted to see if students favored one drawing portion of the industrial technology course over the other drawing portion of the course. These attitudes and feelings were analyzed by way of a questionnaire and survey. These forms of measurement were given to thirty-five seventh grade industrial technology students, Chippewa Junior High School, Des Plaines, Illinois. The data was analyzed and broken down into percentages, then used in the analysis of data where deemed appropriate. This study found that students did not favor one portion of the course (Computer-Aided Drafting) over the other portion of the course (Traditional Drafting Tools). It was found, in general, that students like both portions of the course, and feel positive when learning aspects of both. ABSTRACT It was concluded through this study that although the computer is an important tool which should continue to be utilized within the technology education classroom, there is still a need for traditional drafting methods. These two areas must coexist in order to provide the junior high student with the introductory level course, as well as both sides of drafting, which is so very important.


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