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Fred, Bernhart G., 1914-1986

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It was the purpose of this study to analyze in detail a random sample of twenty technical method books written specifically for the viola and to classify the individual exercises within those methods. An additional problem was the propagation of a comprehensive bibliography of existing technical methods for the viola. During the course of the study each etude in the twenty sampled books was subjected to analysis on such points as element of technique emphasized, tonality, motor, tempo, range, bowing and fingering problems. Furthermore, a system of classification was developed to indicate the highest position used, smallest note value, most difficult bowing, and the most prevalent rhythmic pattern. The report of these analyses is organized by methods in the text. However, a table is provided which makes reference to the more important data on each etude and Indicates its location in the body of the text. It was concluded from this study that in west cases methods written specifically for the viola do a better job of handling the technical problems peculiar to that instrument than transcriptions of violin methods. It also became evident that there is a great deal mere technical material available for the viola than is commonly believed. The vast majority of this material, however, is published by European houses whose catalogs are not generally known in the United States.


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