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Yankow, Henry G.||Johansen, John H.

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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School management and organization; Church schools


Purpose of Investigation: The purpose of this study is to determine the opinions of a selected group of school business managers relative to the professional training and background experience deemed most important to become a school business manager of a parochial secondary educational unit. Procedures: This study is concentrated on three main sources of material as follows: 1. A review of literature on the present status and role of the business administrator. 2. Related studies on the training and professionalization of school business administrators. This included educational requirements in the various states where certification of the school business administrator is required. 3. An analysis of a survey schedule sent to a select group of parochial secondary school business managers. This checklist was mailed to sixty-five parochial secondary school business managers in thirty-four different states, and an analysis was made of the fifty-two checklists that were returned. Summary of Conclusions: 1. The areas of responsibility usually assigned to the respondent are as follows: Budget and Financial Planning, Purchasing and Supply Management, Insurance, Operation and Maintenance of School Plants, Secretary of Board, Accounting and Auditing, Plant Planning and Construction, Supervisor of Non-certificated Personnel, Supervisor of Certificated Personnel, Campus Industries, In-service Training, Food Services. 2. The first ten courses the respondents thought most important in the training of school business personnel, ranked in order of preference by the respondents, are: School Finance, School Accounting, School Business Management, Problems in School Administration, Purchasing and Supply Management, Office Management, School Organization and Administration, Payroll and Personnel Management, Public Relations, Insurance. Recommendations for Further Research: The following recommendations for further research are given as a result of this study. 1. Determine the affect that certification would have on parochial or private school business managers. 2. Determine the desire and affect of a division of responsibilities of the academic and business affairs of the parochial school unit studied. 3. Determine the possibilities of specific formal education for the position of school business manager of the parochial school. 4. Compare and contrast the formal education and background experience of the parochial and public school business manager.


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