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Reinemann, Martin W.

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Chain stores--Illinois--Chicago; Drugstores--Illinois--Chicago metropolitan area


Millions of dollars are expended each year by retail chains on the selection and development of new retail store locations. Very often these endeavors realize great profits for the investors. However, too often an improper location of a retail site can cause the investor to lose large sums of money and considerable time and effort. The criteria for evaluation by the retail chains casually take into consideration government publications and mathematical formulas which frequently have breed implication but which are not very helpful for specific activities. Especially limited have been those test which also consider the actual reaction of the individual shopper in the specific area under evaluation. For these reasons the criteria used has often proved inadequate. In this study an attempt is made to employ techniques which cannot be criticized for lack of direct observation. It is the purpose of this study (1) to determine and analyze the locational factors of a trading area and how they influence shoppers, (2) to determine the economic factors of the area and how they affect the individual shopper; and (3) to determine which is the best locations for a Walgreens Drug Store in the Chicago area in today's modern society, as revealed through a questionnaire study. Three different and distinct approaches were used to solve the problem. They were as follows: (l) personal interviews. (2) federal and local government data, and (3) a questionnaire designed by the writer. The personal interviews were all conducted with employees of the Walgreen Company with positions ranging from assistant vice- president to local store personnel. The analysis of governmental data was used to help substantiate or disprove generalizations made from questionnaire results. The final approach was the actual distribution of the questionnaire in the six store locations to obtain first-hand a evidence from the shoppers. This last approach was the most beneficial in this particular study.


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