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Nelson, J. H. (Professor of business)||Thistlethwaite, Robert L.

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Agriculture; Cooperative--Illinois


Seed for the Study. This analysis has been prepared to provide pertinent information about the development of the agricultural cooperative movement. The data are intended to impart knowledge of the factors important to a more complete understanding of cooperative principles to members, directors, and managers. Cooperative leaders are becoming convinced the best way to assure business success is for members to understand and practice these basic cooperative principles. Too many cooperatives are successful only in terms of satisfactory net earnings. They exist and operate to overcome disadvantages in production and marketing by giving their members better services. But some reports are concerned with the possible failure of some of the cooperatives to remain cooperative as member-controlled associations; associations in which the members know enough about the organizations to give them intelligent direction. Some cooperatives report that members feel little responsibility toward patronizing their cooperative or taking an active part in running their cooperative, deny cooperative leaders and members are convinced that problems peculiar to cooperative arise because of the members' lack of a basic understanding concerning cooperative principles, practices, and responsibilities. Because of this, leaders of the cooperative movement feel there is a definite need for an educational program to develop a better general understanding of farmer cooperatives.


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