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Sorensen, Christine Knupp

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Ed.D. (Doctor of Education)

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Department of Teaching and Learning


Moral education--Evaluation


This dissertation assessed the degree that selected character education programs were written for use in multicultural settings or by multicultural students. A content analysis was used to analyze character education programs and how many times those curricula referenced multicultural issues. The objectives of the content analysis were to answer two pertinent research questions. Those were: (1) Are character education programs written using language for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds? and (2) Are character education programs written using language for students of all races? The curricula examined for research fall into one of three categories (Health Trait, Civic Trait and Character Trait) and the content analysis used was tied directly into existing literature. Two emergent codes of age and race were also derived from the coding. The research has shown very few multicultural codes in the curricula evaluated in this study. The lack of a multicultural approach in these curricula would hamper their use in a multicultural setting, and also the use of these curricula in an urban or socially diverse setting as well.


Includes bibliographical references (pages [160]-166).


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