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School children--Transportation; School management and organization


Historically, public school bus transportation1 of pupils in the United States began in 1869, when Massachusetts passed the first act of legislation enabling any town in the commonwealth to raise money for the conveyance of pupils to and from school.2 And it is likely that children have been transported to school, both public and private, from the time schools were established. Reportedly, it was a familiar sight to see horses hitched to trees around a log schoolhouse in our forefathers’ day. Presumably, thousands of children are still transported to school by their parents at their own expense. "But every year more and more of the burden of transportation is being assumed by the school."3 Thus 1869 may be taken as the year in which pupil transport­ation began to be regarded as a public rather than a private responsibility. 1. "School Transportation", or "Bus Transportation" is here taken as the popular expression for the process of transporting pupils from their homes or from some point nearby to a schoolhouse and back again. The tens usually applies to the vehicular transportation of pupils, although it need not be so limited. 2. M.C. Noble, Pupil Transportation in the United States. (Scranton, Pa.: International Textbooks, 1940},p. 2. 3. Roe L. Johns, State and Local Administration of School Transportation, (New York: T.C., Columbia U., 1928),p. 2.


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