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An analysis of forest remnants in DeKalb County, Illinois

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Parson, Ruben L.||McConnell, Harold

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M.S. (Master of Science)

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Department of Earth Science


Forests and forestry--Illinois--De Kalb County


This investigation was undertaken to explain the geographic distribution of forest remnants in DeKalb County, Illinois. The stream pattern and other variables were visibly associated with the distribution. The problem was to establish the degree of association between these variables. A hypothesis of positive association was developed: (Xₒ²>X².05). A base map (scale one inch to the mile) was constructed with the use of aerial photographs. The map was field checked to eliminate all culturally induced remnants. An overlay of one inch by one inch (one square mile) quadrats was superimposed over the base map. Quadrat counting methods were then employed to produce a statistical population. The observed and estimated frequencies obtained were subjected to chi square and coefficient of contingency tests. In each case the hypothesis was statistically acceptable. Results of the statistical analysis suggest that there is a high degree of association between the variables. The results also suggest that no single variable is responsible for the distribution of the forest remnants. A multifactoral relationship with the environment is implied. Evidence indicates that prairie fires were apparently a dominant factor in the distribution.


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