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McAdams, Robert E. (Professor of physical education)||Stroup, Francis, 1909-

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M.S. Ed. (Master of Education)

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Skis and skiing


A number of excellent books on skiing hsve been written. However, they generally describe one method of learning to ski. Different groups and nations prescribe their individual techniques. This is confusing to the beginning skier end even a cause of much debate among the more advanced. No qualified skier worries about what techniques he uses. He concentrates upon the task ahead and may use, in whole or part, any of the varied ski maneuvers, employing whichever is suitable at the time. Skiing is not like any other sport. For one thing, it is fun while you learn, from the very beginning. For another, there are more misconceptions about it than about any other outdoor activity. As an introduction to this paper, the author will answer four questions that necessitate this study. Why this study? The author has undertaken this study for two reasons: First, the sport itself is one which can be enjoyed as a life-long, carryover activity, in which the author and his family have built deep seated interests. Secondly, what the author considers more important of the two reasons, there is the value of "good form" for perfection of an athletic movement.


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