Alt Title

The Ballad of Viktor GRC-01

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First Advisor

VanValkenburg, Amanda

Second Advisor

Rea, Michael

Third Advisor

Trankina, Francis

Degree Name

M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts)


School of Art and Design


Audio Arts and Acoustics | Illustration | Interdisciplinary Arts and Media


My dystopian short film "The Ballad of Viktor GRC-01" seeks to tap into the essence of animation as a humanist art form, a distorted mirror to reality rendered in pencil. The mark making and compositions more closely resemble German expressionist woodcuts, or early 20th century comic strips with stark contrasting monochromatic ink blotches and screen tones.

Character dynamics are implied through staging and body language as opposed to dialogue, and based off the assumption of the audience being willing to fill in their own gaps of meaning in the ambiguity, not dissimilar to a receptive audience to abstract modern art. The soundtrack, composed of synthesized local field recordings and vintage drum machine and keyboard samples, evokes a human spirit imbued into technology as well as being a throwback to the soundtracks of the science fiction and thriller cinema of the 1980s.


Video link:

Part I "A Shitty Work Day":

Part II "GateHoppers":

Part III "2TB of Pain":