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Siblik, John

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Barnes, Michael

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M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts)


School of Art and Design


Fine Arts


My intersection of art and biology and the body of work that I created transcends who I am as a person not only an artist, but my appreciation in the love for science. Specifically, nature impacts the entire world. The simplicity of thinking about nature is the cycle of life I found myself, beginning a career as a biology major, wanting to do biomedical research with life developing vitamins and skin care, but ideally, I wanted to be different and every possible way the genre of display nature or the impact of an environment shows more complexity to the way we connect as people. My body of work is intended to speak to everyone about how growth and development can change your entire life and the cycle of life will continue. I feel biology is the best way to showcase those moments that sometimes we forget the thought of the intersection is the way in art to express the current state or create worlds that are derived from thoughts and or experiences.

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