Publication Date


Document Type


First Advisor

Rea, Michael

Second Advisor

Siblik, John

Third Advisor

Ponce, Heriberto

Degree Name

M.A. (Master of Arts)


School of Art and Design


Arts and Humanities


I have always considered myself a “process” artist, immersing myself in every twist and turn of my creative journey. I find deep interest and satisfaction in the act of creation, the process itself.


My thesis project began to take shape in the Summer of 2023 during my pursuit of a Masters in Studio Art. It was during a sculpture class that my fascination with three-dimensional art ignited. Simultaneously, a course on the intricate craft of Japanese papermaking introduced me to the use of Kozo fibers, which come from mulberry trees. This was a brand-new material that I was very excited to work with. Additionally, while delving into a course on Japanese art history in the Edo Period, the images of that era captivated my interest profoundly.