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First Advisor

Rea, Mike

Second Advisor

Labatte, Jessica

Third Advisor

Stone, Ben

Degree Name

M.F.A. (Master of Fine Arts)


School of Art and Design


Art and Design | Ceramic Arts | Sculpture


Suffering Juicebox investigates the confluences of nostalgia, trauma and identity making by means of sculpture and performance. Creating pieces with built layers of material and found objects Suffering Juicebox takes shape through collecting, forming, layering, petrifying, erasing and reimagining. Pieces are assembled into scenes attempting to rebuild what cannot be obtained. The objects collected and used are metaphors for the memories we accumulate.

Suffering Juicebox explores how gender and identity are created through layers of memory, nostalgia and trauma. Nostalgia’s etymology comes from the greek words nostos meaning “return home” and algos meaning “pain”, and together the word means homesickness. Using internal and exterior domestic views I create moments of displacement, trying to find a sense of home in the chaos. The imagery of the juicebox is used to identify self and my thingness. Thingness is described as the fact of existing as a physical object. As a young woman I am objectified, I become the object. I become the collector and the collector. The juicebox character investigates these memories, often getting lost in the details of what is fact or fiction while trying to find a sense of place and self.