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Synergy is the interaction of two or more elements to produce a combined impact greater than the sum of their separate effects. In this paper, synergy for science learning came from the amalgamation of separate, independent science education contributors. Synergy for science learning thus was created by three resulting elements: content and applications, designed by the College of Engineering and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; research-based pedagogy, developed by the Colleges of Education and College of Liberal Arts and Sciences; and dynamic classroom implementation, guided by action research and delivered by the partnership school districts.

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Zollman, A., Kitts, K., Tahernezhadi, M., & Billman, P. (2009). Synergy for science learning: An interdisciplinary partnership to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education. International Journal of Science in Society, 1 (3), 147 - 152.

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