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This note describes the design, fabrication, and testing of a novel microelectromechanical systems Coulter counter. The Coulter counter will be used to detect and monitor impedance changes of cells as a function of time in response to different experimental extracellular environments. The device consists of SU-8 (negative photoresist ) microchannels, vertical electroplated electrodes, polydimethylsiloxane cover, and is divided into a passive mixing region, a focusing region using negative dielectrophoretic forces, and a measuring region defined by multiple electroplated electrode pairs. The devices were tested using both microbeads in saline water and fibroblast cells in phosphate buffered saline solution. The results show that the proposed microsystem is capable of monitoring impedance of cells at different positions along the Coulter microchannel.



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Y Wu, JD Benson, JK Critser, M Almasri. Note: Microelectromechanical systems Coulter counter for cell monitoring and counting. Review of Scientific Instruments. 81, 076103. 2010.

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Department of Mathematical Sciences






American Institute of Physics


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