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While organizational justice continues to garner attention by researchers, why perceptions of justice influence a variety of outcomes is still in need of explanation. In this paper, we examine one type of social exchange process that may provide a better link between perceptions of fairness and important organizational outcomes. Specifically, we examine how leader–member exchange (LMX) affects the relationship between employee perceptions of fairness and supervisor-rated performance and organizational citizenship behaviors (OCBs). Data from our study demonstrates that LMX fully mediates the relationship between interactional justice and performance and OCBs. In addition, the results demonstrate that LMX moderates the relationship between both distributive and procedural justice and OCBs.



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Burton, J, et al. (2008). Linking justice, performance, and citizenship via Leader-Member Exchange. Journal of Business & Psychology, Vol. 23 (Issue 1/2) pp. 51 -61. DOI 10.1007/s10869-008-9075-z.

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