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The aflatoxin-producing fungus Aspergillus flavus is a causal agent of preharvest contamination of food commodities such as oil seed crops worldwide. Peanut, corn and cottonseed are among the oil seeds that are susceptible to aflatoxin contamination during invasion of these crops by A. flavus. Contamination of agricultural commodities with aflatoxins can result in serious economic hardships to producers and adverse health impacts in both humans and domestic animals. It is therefore of great importance to determine ways to control A. flavus dissemination, survival and toxin formation. In this study we demonstrate the role of the veA regulatory gene in the contamination of peanut, corn and cotton by A. flavus. Virulence of A. flavus on peanut and corn seeds was reduced in the absence of the veA gene product.



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Duran RM, Cary JW and Calvo AM. The role of veA on Aspergillus flavus infection of peanuts, corn and cotton. 2009. Open Mycology journal 3, 27-36.

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