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Features in the complete plastome of Anomochloa marantoidea (Poaceae) were investigated. This species is one of four of Anomochlooideae, the crown node of which diverged before those of any other grass subfamily. The plastome was sequenced from overlapping amplicons using previously designed primers. The plastome of A. marantoidea is 138 412 bp long with a typical gene content for Poaceae. Five regions were examined in detail because of prior surveys that identifi ed structural alterations among graminoid Poales. Anomochloa marantoidea was found to have an intron in rpoC1 , unlike other Poaceae. The insertion region of rpoC2 is unusually short in A. marantoidea compared with those of other grasses, but with atypically long subrepeats. Both ycf1 and ycf2 are nonfunctional as is typical in grasses, but A. marantoidea has a uniquely long ψ ycf1. Finally, the rbcL - psaI spacer in A. marantoidea is atypically short with no evidence of the ψ rpl23 locus found in all other Poaceae. Some of these features are of noteworthy dissimilarity between A . marantoidea and those crown grasses for which entire plastomes have been sequenced. Complete plastome sequences of other Anomochlooideae and outgroups will further advance our understanding of the evolutionary events in the plastome that accompanied graminoid diversifi cation.



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Morris, L. M., Duvall, M. (2010). The chloroplast genome of Anomochloa marantoidea (Anomochlooideae; Poaceae) comprises a mixture of grass-like and unique features. American Journal of Botany, 97 (4) 620-627.


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