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This article provides an overview of the importance of cultural competency skills for multijurisdictional practice and a comprehensive list of resources for international business law for G20 nations. Law students today are certain to confront issues of cultural competency in both clinical settings during law school and also during their legal careers as a result of the increasingly global practice of law. This article focuses on cultural competency as an essential lawyering skill in the context of private international law. First, the article will provide a brief history of cultural competency and its inclusion as a type of skills training in a clinical legal education setting at some law schools. Then, the article includes a brief survey of current globalization offerings and initiatives at U.S. law schools. Finally, the article provides a comprehensive list of resources to aid cultural competency and understanding of the legal systems and, further, an authoritative survey of international business resources for G20 countries.

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Heidi Frostestad Kuehl, Resources for Becoming Culturally Competent in a Multijurisdictional Practice: G20 Nations and Associated Legal Traditions, 44(2) Int'l J. of Legal Info. 83 (Summer 2016).


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